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Sunday, September 23, 2012

The World Ends With You Game Review # 2

The World Ends With You is an action RPG made by the same team that made by the Kingdom Hearts team and Jupiter at Square Enix. Jupiter made Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories before being a part of this game. It originally released on Nintendo DS in Japan in July 2007 then other regions in April 2008.

The gameplay is hard to get used to but is satisfying to master. It boils down to doing two things at once as you keep track of action on both screens. There are ways to assist such as having the top screen auto or go auto after no input for a short period of time. When the top is in auto it will not make decisions nearly as well or as fast as you can so it would be recommended to take the time to learn to play. Luckily you can control the difficulty in two ways. You can change your level and the enemies difficulty. This game can be either a walk in the park or very hard with this system. For those that go for the harder path they are rewarded with better drops from enemies and/or higher drop rates.

The story is great. If you are looking for something like Kingdom Hearts but without Disney, this is it. It is very unique as you play as a youth in Shibuya, where making fashion statements are just as important except used to fight enemies. The game will take you for a ride and expect to not know what to expect throughout.

The music is worth purchasing just by itself. There are many great songs and the music matches the vibes from the game. There are many times where I would pause the game and just listen through the soundtrack.

This is a fantastic game and a most own for anyone that is more then a little curious. This is probably one of my favorite games for the Nintendo DS, a system that had many great games. It is also definitely one of my favorite games period. This is a game that I had to have in my collection and bought a second time because my first practically 100 percent completed copy was stolen. If you can't find a copy, last month an IOS version was released Worldwide. I can't recommend that version since I have no experience but it would be worth looking into if its the only way you can experience this game.

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