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Thursday, September 13, 2012

It begins... Nintendo History #1

Hello Internet,

It is my pleasure to introduce the web to my take on any and all things Nintendo. I plan on writing about Nintendo's history every Thursday, going over Nintendo news of the week every Saturday, and doing a review of a game for a Nintendo console every Sunday. To start things off I would like to go over my short personal history with Nintendo

I have been playing Nintendo games since before I can remember. I was born into the NES era of gaming. I spent a lot of my childhood playing the small amount of games that I owned and doing a lot of game rentals for ones that I did not. I did not have any friends or members of the family that shared my passion so when I connected to the internet for the first time as a kid it was a shock to learn that many my favorite games were made by the same company. The internet was a large source of my learning about Nintendo at that time. I went back to play games that I missed out on during my rentals and updated myself with the upcoming Nintendo news. This desire to learn more about Nintendo is still present in me as I still go online to find the latest Nintendo news and look for any gems coming through the pipes to play.

I want to finish this post noting that I have a passion for gaming as a whole. This blog may be focused on Nintendo but that does not mean that I'am blind everything else. I own and love a large amount of 3rd party games on my Nintendo systems and even play games that are not on Nintendo systems at all. My passion for gaming as a whole is so much larger then my passion for just Nintendo. Before I knew what Nintendo was I knew one thing, I love video games. That has never changed. Long live gaming!

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