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Monday, October 8, 2012

Kid Icarus: Uprising Game Review # 3

Kid Icarus: Uprising is the 3rd game released in the Kid Icarus series. It had been over 20 years since the last game. In these years there have been many fans wanting a new games while other games from that same 8-bit era had multiple more sequels. The main character had made a few appearances as his 8-bit self in other games. In Super Smash Brothers: Melee, Pit received his first appearance non-8-bit appearance. This was as a 3-D trophy with his old look and the tagline, "Will he ever fight again?". In Super Smash Brothers: Brawl players were able to play as Pit and his appearance was updated. The appearances in the Super Smash Brothers series added a lot of wood to the fire that Nintendo was interested in making another Kid Icarus game. There was truth in the rumors and Masahiro Sakurai, who is the director of the Super Smash Brothers series, directed Kid Icarus: Uprising.

Despite being the 3rd game in the series, there is no need to play the first games. A lot of the information from the earlier games are referenced in the game. Very early in the game, the plot of the original will be explained and in more detail then you would get from playing the original. The plot of the second game is not referenced in the slightest. There are several game play elements from the original which is poked fun at but Uprising does a wonderful job being able to give the player information that would allow them to understand these things without having to have played the original.

The story of the game is very well written. There is a large cast of characters with plenty of new characters. The story rarely plays out to what you expect. The story rarely takes itself seriously as almost anything can trigger a joke from the cast of characters. The jokes can be quite cheesy but I feel this is the route they wanted from the characters. If you really hate the jokes after playing through once then they can be turned off. I personally love the silliness that is the character interaction in this game. The world of Kid Icarus didn't have much depth before this game came out. With this one game I felt like the game world has become as deep as most other series.

The gameplay can be difficult to get used to. There are two main modes. One is where you are on a set path through the air as you dodge and attack enemies. The other mode is where you are on land and have complete freedom to get to the objectives. This game is perfect for someone looking for almost any kind of difficulty. At the beginning of a level you can offer hearts (the currency) to make the games difficulty harder or easier then the normal difficulty. With harder difficulties the more you are able to earn if you can survive. Also some paths open up on harder difficulties to offer more risks and rewards. On lower difficulties then average you will be able to go all the way down to where the game is a cake walk. I personally feel that the average difficulty where no hearts are used is just a tiny bit of a challenge for beginners but not enough to where it is too hard. As a seasoned gamer, I rarely played a level without being in the mid range difficulties. The game recommends you a difficulty on levels as you play through the game. With 91 difficulty levels there is a lot to do to make the difficulty just right. The controls have been something that has been called out a lot by gamers. The game comes with a stand and this provided me a lot of comfort while playing. Many complain that it hurts to play. I agree that the way you play this game is rarely seen in a majority of games. I rarely used the stand as I wasn't near a surface to use it on regularly. After playing for a few days this was a non-issue as my hands were used to how I was playing. I imagine I could still not play for hours without wanting to rest but never had this issue as how well the game is broken up.

The sights and sounds were amazing in this game. There is a lot of music and each is unique. The music can be quite epic at times and always matched the settings I was surrounded by. The graphics were very beautiful on my handheld. I always had to keep my 3DS charged as I wanted to keep experiencing it all in 3-D.

The multiplayer is a load of fun. The modes are based on the on foot segments of the main game. You can play with a team or have it be everyone for themselves. Weapons and abilities are randomly given out in multiplayer, received in the main game, and received through Streetpass. The best weapons are typically rewards on higher difficulties in the main mode. You can also build better weapons through fusing two other weapons or buying the better weapons. I feel that the way this is done gives anyone with the ability to get those better weapons in multiple ways. The team mode is perfect for beginners as dying with a lower rated weapon makes a very small dent in the team combined health while higher weapons and dying can take out huge chunks. If you become Pit in this mode you are randomly given a high powered weapon in this mode also.

If you are looking for a fun game for online/local multiplayer or looking for a epic main quest with tons of replay value, this is that game. I recommend it to anyone that has the system and anyone that is looking for a reason to own the system.

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